We are a Lincolnshire based laundry company specialising in commercial laundry and domestic bedding. We are experts in providing fast, high quality laundry services for holiday homes, hotels, restaurants and other businesses.

We utilise modern commercial laundry equipment and techniques to enable us to process and return your laundry in the timescales you require and to the highest quality. We have invested in excess machines giving us more capacity to make sure we can always deliver laundry clean, ironed and on time.

Our chemicals are chosen for quality and friendliness to the environment. We can offer a choice of high end scents and have the option to remove all scents for customers who require delicate fabrics.

Customers laundry is washed in separate batches keeping laundry uncontaminated – laundry is never mixed together in the washing machine. Laundry is stored and transported in separate re-usable bags, reducing our single use plastics to zero. Our laundry tracking systems reduce the chances of loss to zero and allows us to fully audit our quality at every stage of the laundry process.


Wolds Laundry Services is a partnership between four holiday let owners based in Lincolnshire. It was impossible to find a quality service for our laundry requirements so we decided to set up one ourselves!

Through our own frustrations we wanted to run a laundry service which would supply a high quality service to holiday lets, caravan sites, hotels, restaurants and other businesses, based on the service we would expect if we were the clients.

We have installed a laundry utilising modern machines and environmentally safe plant based detergents in order to supply you the freshest, cleanest linen within your timescales and to the highest of quality.

Put us to the test and call us! (01790 208008)


We provide washing, drying and ironing services for commercial laundry including:

Duvets & covers
Pillows and cases
Mattress protectors
Towels & bath mats
Table cloths & napkins

We service a wide range of industries including :

Holiday Cottages, flats and houses
Domestic bedding


Tailored Pricing

We pride ourselves in providing a quality service at competitive prices. We would like to discuss your requirements and delivery needs.  We are happy to provide you with our itemised price list but would prefer to discuss a solution which enables us to be more tailored to your requirements, passing on savings to you.

Pay As You Go

We offer a pay as you go service and will never require you to guarantee us a minimum spend or a set fee. We will only ever bill you for what has been washed.

Please get in contact with us to discuss your individual needs.